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01-May-2007 Print page

RFS appoints new APAC VP for sales and marketing

Global wireless solutions group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), has announced the appointment of Fred Rees to the key position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing for RFS Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, Rees’ role encompasses RFS wireless communications and broadcast sectors, with responsibility for marketing and marketing communications activities in China, North-East Asia, South-East Asia, Japan, and Australasia.

Rees has almost 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, including high-level sales management positions in Lucent’s Asian offices, and business development and analyst posts with Vodafone (UK).

The Asia-Pacific region represents a stimulating challenge, Rees said, not just because it is one of the fastest growing wireless market in the world, but because of its sheer diversity and accelerated rate of change.

“On the one hand, there are countries such as Japan, Australia and Singapore with very sophisticated and mature data and 3G wireless markets; on the other hand there are fast-developing nations, such as Vietnam, Indonesia Philippines, and of course China, where they are often ‘leap-frogging’ the landline stage and going directly to ‘over the air’ RF communications, for voice and high-speed data” said Rees.

“Many countries are typified by a mish-mash of frequencies and band technologies, creating ongoing transmission and interference issues, especially where operators want to use the same existing infrastructure, with a mixture of band plans.

“RFS is ideally placed to service the needs of these emergent and established markets, with a full and expanding suite of RF conditioning products, connectors and diplexers specifically developed to minimize interference and facilitate equipment sharing.

“In the broadcasting area, the region is also seeing tremendous growth, driven primarily by digital technologies for TV and radio. Mobile TV is starting to appear in some developed markets and promises to be a strong growth driver.”

Rees also noted that, after some years in Asia, there is no letting up in the amount of construction throughout the region. “Everywhere you look another skyscraper is stretching upwards, shopping malls are booming, airports and high-speed rail links are being built. Even below ground, metro transportation infrastructure is being provided to move expanding populations. It’s not surprising that the demand for indoor and in-tunnel communications coverage is very high. This is a requirement that RFS has geared up to meet. RFS is establishing a leadership position in the supply of Wireless INdoors Solutions (WINS), supplying a complete end-to-end portfolio of passive and active indoor wireless systems for buildings and tunnels--the breakthrough RFS ClearFill solution set.“

In fact, said Rees, RFS’s track record and reputation is its most effective calling card. “During my recent travels representing the company, it has been gratifying to discover that the RFS brand is so closely associated with superior quality and reliability. I am very much enjoying my challenging and exciting new role,” Rees said.
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