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RFS Antennas Qualified for World’s Largest LTE Network

China Mobile, the largest mobile service provider in the world with the world’s largest mobile customer base, has approved RFS Time-Division Long-Term Evolution (TD-LTE) antennas for the second phase of its TD-LTE deployment.

For the second year running, RFS antennas have successfully completed tests in competition with other suppliers for this large LTE network deployment,” said Li Yong, CEO of RFS Asia. “Our antennas were qualified from competitive products offered by 14 suppliers, and we are also one of three suppliers to be qualified not only for our FA antennas but also for FAD antennas.”

The first phase of China Mobile’s TD-LTE deployment was completed in December 2013 with service to 16 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The second phase of the project is scheduled to take place between April and December of 2014. During this phase, an additional 266,000 base stations and more than 600,000 antennas will be deployed in 31 provinces, municipalities and regions. In total, there will be approximately 500,000 4G base stations on the network by the end of 2014.

RFS has developed extensive experience and expertise in TD-LTE antenna solutions,” said Yong. “Our TD-LTE antennas are optimized to operate in a TDD environment with uplink and downlink sharing the same frequency block. They offer service providers an inexpensive approach to achieving high-speed data performance with less frequency resources, and meet all required coverage, pattern, gain and tilt specifications.”

In addition to TD-LTE antennas, the RFS portfolio of wireless infrastructure products includes HYBRIFLEX™ hybrid cabling and connection solutions that enable an efficient migration to LTE. Our LTE offerings are engineered to keep the real estate changes at cell sites to an absolute minimum, while allowing operators to optimize each site for any LTE configuration.

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