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RFS Announces PIM-Rated Radiating Cable Connectors for Highest Quality Connector-Cable Interface

Meriden, CT (United States), July 21, 2014 –Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today announced the availability of new premium performance radiating cable connectors. RFS’ PIM-rated connectors for smoothwall radiating cable products support quick, easy and reliable installation at any location, allowing the operator flexibility while saving time and money on installation.  

RFS’ cable connectors are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up the attachment of connectors to RFS radiating cables. Connectors are available in 7-16 DIN interfaces (additional models for type N interfaces coming soon).  The robust two-piece mechanical design enables a stable connection with the cable for best in class PIM performance. The connectors consist of both a back nut and body for secure positioning, and then are pre-assembled before delivery and easily attach to the prepared cable in one piece. This assures error-free attachment and avoids unnecessary connector adjustments, while allowing for reuse and repositioning in the future as needed.  

The new connectors are an ideal complement for RFS RADIAFLEX® cables, such as the RLKU158-50JFLAH which has been used in major metro deployments including InSite Wireless’ massive endeavor to bring wireless service to Boston’s MBTA subway riders.
RFS connectors are completely waterproof to assure safe, long term operation in the harshest of environments. All connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical and compliance specifications and provide low VSWR for excellent electrical performance.

Novapex, which supports many wireless technology world leaders including both OEM and service providers, recently recommended RFS’ newest PIM-rated connectors for use in a major Montreal Metro project.

When making a recommendation to any of our customers about what products to use in their deployments, we always look for the best,” said Richard Cadieux, business development manager, Novapex. “RFS’ products have proven reliable and the company has been happy to incorporate customer feedback to develop products that offer optimal PIM performance and simplify the installation process. We feel confident when using RFS products to support our customers’ critical projects.”

RFS has also released a Universal Trimming Tool Series to support intuitive and precise cable preparation prior to connector attachment. By combining all necessary functions in one tool, the unique design of RFS’ trimming tool makes it the only one necessary to prepare the cable for connector attachment. Its smooth dielectric surface improves PIM performance and is easy to clean. The Universal Trimming Tool offers the additional advantage of being convertible to different sizes simply by changing the inserts.

Our Universal Trimming Tool is designed to be coupled with our radiating cable connectors in order for customers to realize PIM-optimized performance,” said Matthew Grella, transmission line/ WINS product manager, RFS. “It cuts perfectly square 90 degree angles and leaves no unwanted material behind, drastically reducing the possibility for PIM-generated debris.

In addition to the universal trimming tool, a poly hook spanner wrench is available to tighten the backnut of the connector to the connector body.  The unique connector backnut does not incorporate wrench flats for weight reduction and instead uses the poly hook wrenches.

The Universal Trimming Series includes:

Features Benefits


Universal Trimming tool for 1-5/8” radiating cable (except RCF series)

TRIM-SET-R114-P01 Universal Trimming tool for 1-1/4” radiating cable (except RCF series)
TRIM-IR158-P01 1-5/8” insert for Universal trimming tool
1-1/4” insert for Universal trimming tool
TRIM-B34 Spare main blade for Universal trimming tool
Polyhook Spanner Wrench 60-90-5 Polyhook Spanner Wrench 60-90-5 (2 required)

About RFS
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems, as well as active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for outdoor and indoor wireless infrastructure. RFS serves OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers. Its customers currently include the four largest wireless carriers, the majority of tier 2 and 3 wireless carriers in North America and many of the top wireless and microwave OEMS worldwide.

For more than 70 years, RFS has provided its customers world-class service that today is backed by a global presence of nine manufacturing facilities worldwide and sales and technical support centers in 23 countries.  RFS offers advanced engineering capabilities, superior field support, and expert technical assistance and training to provide scalable, flexible, future-proof and lightweight end-to-end solutions optimized across the entire RF chain. As an ISO-compliant organization, RFS solutions offer proven longevity, premium performance and unrivalled quality. 

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