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RFS and BAE Systems collaborate on advanced High Frequency Surface Wave Radar coastal surveillance solution

Colombes (France), February 23, 2011 – RFS, the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, and BAE Systems have signed an agreement to collaborate on the worldwide go-to-market for a High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) coastal surveillance solution developed with BAE Systems’ technology. The system is the world’s first HFSWR solution to utilize a Monostatic Radar with a digitally-based architecture. For agencies and organizations with coastal surveillance requirements worldwide, this HFSWR solution provides continuous, land-based, over-the-horizon coastal surveillance capabilities that exceed the capabilities of conventional microwave systems and traditional platform-based patrol vessels or aircraft surveillance methods at a fraction of the cost.

With the increasing importance of effective homeland security and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) management, cost-effective coastal surveillance has become a necessity. The BAE Systems and RFS’ HFSWR solution uses the surface wave propagation effect to provide unique low-level detection and tracking capabilities at ranges beyond the normal horizon limitation. It delivers highly accurate information and rapid updates to reduce the need for expensive air and sea patrols and can be used for a variety of applications:
•    Fisheries protection and management
•    Protection against illegal immigration, drug-running, piracy and terrorism
•    Vessel Traffic Safety (VTS) in shipping lanes
•    Offshore platform and island security, including detection, guidance and coordination of surveillance and reconnaissance activities
•    Wide-area detection and tracking of low- and high-level flying aircraft and surface vessels

“RFS has a proven record in HF and defense systems, as well as a truly global footprint, and for these reasons we consider them as an ideal company to collaborate with on the go-to-market for our standard-setting HFSWR system,” said Les Gregory, Radar Director at BAE Systems Mission Systems. “This collaboration agreement will offer government agencies and organizations, with stringent coastal surveillance requirements worldwide, excellent service along with an outstanding surveillance solution.”

Conventional microwave radars tend to have their surface performance limited by the horizon, since normal propagation is ‘line of sight’. This class of radar has specific attributes which enable it to detect and track surface targets which are significantly beyond the horizon.” added Les Gregory.

“RFS and BAE Systems’ solution is the most-advanced HFSWR solution commercially-available on the market today, and we are very pleased to be in a position to offer it to government agencies and other organizations with crucial needs for highly accurate coastal detection and tracking capabilities,” said Martyn Kemel, President, Broadcast and Defense Systems at RFS.

“Furthermore, unlike other HFSWR solutions, which are mainly described in brochures, RFS and BAE Systems’ HFSWR solution can be shown to customers with a HFSWR demonstrator system fully operational at a site in Bradwell, UK. Customers can view the HFSWR operating in real time; proving the system’s performance, reliability and availability, including operations and equipment shelter of the full functionality of the radar system.” Kemel added.

HF Surface Wave Radar

RFS and BAE Systems’ HFSWR solution provides 120º azimuth coverage over long ranges and can be expanded to cover an entire national coastline. It delivers a higher probability of detection and higher accuracy than other HFSWR solutions through:

•    Automatic frequency management, which optimizes system performance at all times without operator intervention.
•    Multi-frequency operation, which provides high tracking accuracy, high availability and high probability of detection for all targets.
•    Simultaneous air and surface processing, which maintains track on all targets of interest at all times.

To help reduce costs, this HFSWR solution features a real estate-saving mono-static antenna configuration, which uses a single antenna array to both transmit and receive radar energy. It also features a modern digital architecture, which enables cost-effective growth and provides a number of key system features that are unavailable in older designs.

“By continuing to innovate on BAE Systems’ HFSWR technology, RFS can offer its customers all of the benefits of BAE Systems’ world-leading technology as well as our own recognized engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning expertise,” concluded Kemel.

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From left to right: Les Gregory, Director Torpedoes, Radar and Manufacturing, BAE Systems Mission Systems, Stéphane Klajzyngier, Radio Frequency Systems President; Bobby Mukherjee, Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property, BAE Systems

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RFS and BAE Systems’ HFSWR solution

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