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Radiating Connectors and Accessories

The connector design offers a significant installation advantage due to a one-piece item. That means, no assembly or disassembly is required during installation. All connectors are available as N as well as 7- 16 types, male or female.

Same connectors for all smooth wall cable types
All RADIAFLEX® smooth wall cables, these are the series ALF/RLF, RLK, RLV and RAY, fit to the same type of connectors. This simplifies everything around the cable – from ordering to installation.

Connectors for corrugated cable types
The RADIAFLEX® cables of the RCF, RSF, and RHCA series have a corrugated outer conductor requiring different connectors than the smooth wall radiating cables.

For all RADIAFLEX® cables with corrugated outer conductor the connectors of the CELLFLEX® series can be used. The RCF and RHCA leaky cable series are compatible to the connectors of type LCF and the RSF leaky cable series fits to connectors of type SCF.

Sealing and mechanical load reduction for the smooth wall cables is performed by installing a heat shrinking sleeve that is provided with each connector.

RADIAFLEX® cables with flame or fire retardant jackets (suffix JFN resp. JFL), with connectors sealed by shrinking sleeve, meet the requirements of IEC 60 332-1.

RADIAFLEX® cables with corrugated outer conductor are sealed like LCF feeders. Each connector is packed with a heat shrinking sleeve.

RADIAFLEX® smooth wall cables do not need special trimming tools. Instead, common tools like a saw and a cable knife are sufficient. The offered hand tool kit already comprises all necessary tools. Corrugated RADIAFLEX® cables should be trimmed by special tools which are shown in the Transmission Line  ection of this website.

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