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RADIAFLEX® Radiating Cable

RADIAFLEX® radiating cables facilitate radio communication where the usual free space propagation of electromagnetic waves is hampered, undesired or impossible- in tunnels, mines, buildings, alongside tracks or lines and in large complexes like exhibition grounds or airports.

RFS has a wide range of radiating cables available, each optimized for the following fields of application:

  • ALF, RLF series for heavy duty wideband and multiuse applications in tunnels of all kinds; easy system planning.
  • RLK series for applications in tunnels and buildings, where low coupling loss variations are required.
  • RLV series for tunnel applications, with graded coupling loss (VARIO) performing nearly constant system loss and low amplitude variation.
  • RAY series for tunnels and buildings, optimized for high frequencies and digital transmission, where low coupling loss variations are required.
  • RCF series for easy installation in buildings and mining, where particularly small bending radii are required and for heavy duty applications.
  • RSF series preferable for installations in vehicles where narrow space requires sharp bending radii.
  • RHCA series for use in buildings where the highest level of fire retardant standards are required. Plenum rated RHCA cables utilize an air-dielectric design. The dielectric support is wrapped Teflon tube.
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