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  1. 14-Dec-2007

    RFS drives India’s FM development

    RFS has continued its leading role in India’s fast-track FM radio development program by winning a significant portion of the project’s stage two development. RFS will provide total turnkey RF solutions for two major cities—Hyderabad and Jaipur.

  2. Field tests prove RFS multi-protocol configurable ACU 03-Dec-2007

    Field tests prove RFS multi-protocol configurable ACU

    Recent field tests have conclusively proven the power and effectiveness of Radio Frequency Systems’ ‘Optimizer Universal’ ACU-- the market’s only software-configurable ACU that permits communications across a range of open and proprietary  [...]

  3. RFS launches new 90-degree beamwidth AWS Optimizer 19-Nov-2007

    RFS launches new 90-degree beamwidth AWS Optimizer

    The latest addition to RFS's Optimizer 'S-series' of base station antennas, the new dual polarized broadband panel antenna supports the full PCS and AWS spectrum bands--1710 to 2170 MHz--and features a 90-degree horizontal beamwidth.

  4. RFS and Nokia Siemens Networks team-up for microwave solutions 28-Oct-2007

    RFS and Nokia Siemens Networks team-up for microwave solutions

    A new range of two- and four-foot microwave antennas, developed by RFS for direct mounting with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) outdoor units, is now available. The NSN-approved antennas operate in the 7 to 38GHz frequency ranges.

  5. RFS highlights local wireless expertise at PT/EXPO COMM 2007 15-Oct-2007

    RFS highlights local wireless expertise at PT/EXPO COMM 2007

    RFS will exhibit a range of innovative base station antennas, transmission lines and wireless indoor solutions at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2007, held in Beijing from 23 to 27 October.

  6. RFS &lsquo;injects&rsquo; WiMAX indoors 04-Oct-2007

    RFS ‘injects’ WiMAX indoors

    The latest addition to RFS’s wireless indoor solutions (WINS) suite—the WiMAX injector/diplexer—allows users to combine WiMAX with existing 2G, 3G, WiFi and WLAN services, all on a single indoor wireless communications network or DAS.

  7. New 11GHz services as FCC allows two-foot dish 28-Sep-2007

    New 11GHz services as FCC allows two-foot dish

    The best-in-breed two-foot RFS CompactLine microwave antenna is ideal for US carriers taking advantage of a new FCC 11GHz ruling. The option of smaller antennas provides economic incentives for new broadband and backhaul services in the band.

  8. Milestone for RFS Mexico 20-Sep-2007

    Milestone for RFS Mexico

    After less than a year of operation, Radio Frequency Systems Mexico is supplying RF technology on a massive scale to Mexico’s third largest wireless carrier Iusacell, in two related projects.

  9. RFS Optimizer S-series tilts to 14 degrees 12-Sep-2007

    RFS Optimizer S-series tilts to 14 degrees

    The Optimizer S-series broadband high-performance BSAs are now available with variable electrical tilt spanning 4-to-14 degrees to meet increasing capacity needs within 3G and 2G wireless networks.

  10. Mobilink chooses CELLFLEX Lite for network expansion 12-Sep-2007

    Mobilink chooses CELLFLEX Lite for network expansion

    RFS’s CELLFLEX Lite--an aluminum-based RF transmission line solution--has been selected by Pakistan’s leading wireless carrier, Mobilink, for use at thousands of base station sites across Pakistan’s urban and rural regions.

  11. RFS Shanghai celebrates new site 12-Sep-2007

    RFS Shanghai celebrates new site

    RFS has formally opened its new state-of-the-art facilities in Shanghai, China. Operations at a number of sites across Shanghai have been transferred to the new site, which is large enough to accommodate several future expansions.

  12. IBC07: RFS talks digital networks from all angles 29-Aug-2007

    IBC07: RFS talks digital networks from all angles

    RFS will exhibit key elements of its digital broadcasting solution set, plus field experts in other aspects of wireless infrastructure--such as Wireless Indoor Solutions (WINS). RFS’s total perspective makes it the ideal partner for mobile media  [...]

  13. Omni mobile TV antenna packs in performance 28-Aug-2007

    Omni mobile TV antenna packs in performance

    RFS’s vertically polarized omnidirectional SDV4 antenna is the latest in our growing range of lightweight and lower price-point mobile TV antennas. Even better, the SDV4 doesn’t compromise on performance, which is excellent for its size and cost.

  14. New high-power UD antenna for DTV--terrestrial and mobile 27-Aug-2007

    New high-power UD antenna for DTV--terrestrial and mobile

    IBC07: Unveiled will be RFS’s latest lightweight UHF monopole for DTV repeater and mobile TV applications--a higher-power version of the UD antenna. It features input power ratings of 4 to 10kW to cover larger areas.

  15. U-Link breaks through frequency barrier 24-Aug-2007

    U-Link breaks through frequency barrier

    In a world first, RFS has launched two broadband 6-1/8-inch coaxial Rapid Release U-Links that support manual RF switching of high-power and high-voltage television channels up to 860MHz (75-ohm model) and 820MHz (50-ohm model) respectively.

  16. RFS earns Huawei supply awards 13-Aug-2007

    RFS earns Huawei supply awards

    RFS has received two prestigious awards from leading provider of next generation telecommunications networks, Huawei. RFS has won the global ‘Best Technical Service Award’, and the ‘Best Latin American Supplier Award—RF Material’

  17. RFS supplies FM combiners for Irish upgrade 01-Aug-2007

    RFS supplies FM combiners for Irish upgrade

    In support of a national Irish upgrade of FM radio transmission infrastructure, RFS is supplying RTÉNL with FM channel combining and RF switch-frame technology for six main transmission sites.

  18. RFS opens technical support and sales centre in the UK 01-Aug-2007

    RFS opens technical support and sales centre in the UK

    RFS has announced the official opening of its new technical sales and support centre in Warwick, England. The new facility is home to RFS’s growing team of broadcast systems, sales and project engineers for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

  19. RFS strikes landmark supply agreement with Broadcast Australia 18-Jul-2007

    RFS strikes landmark supply agreement with Broadcast Australia

    RFS has inked a landmark supply agreement with leading broadcast services provider, Broadcast Australia. The uniquely structured agreement promises to streamline supply of RFS broadcast solutions across the Broadcast Australia group of companies.

  20. RFS signals copper transmission line price correction 17-Jul-2007

    RFS signals copper transmission line price correction

    Unprecedented global demand for copper has led to a six per cent increase in the price of RFS’s leading CELLFLEX brand foam-dielectric coaxial RF transmission line.

  21. 24-Jun-2007

    RFS launches WiMAX-ready indoor solution

    RFS’s ClearFill Line wireless indoor solutions (WINS) suite now supports WiMAX bands up to 6GHz. Included are a tiny 9cm indoor antenna for data services, new ultra-broadband power dividers, and the world’s first 6GHz flat-foil radiating cable.

  22. 24-Jun-2007

    RADIAFLEX approved for coalface wireless communications

    Recent significant changes to US mine safety legislation have thrown down a challenge to a wide range of technology providers--Radio Frequency Systems has been one of the earliest responders to this challenge.

  23. 18-Jun-2007

    Malaysia launches DTV with RFS

    RFS has supplied two terrestrial broadcast systems as part of a recent upgrade of two key broadcast sites in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. This upgrade marks the beginning of the country’s digital television (DTV) deployment.

  24. 13-Jun-2007

    RFS urges smart RF choices at BroadcastAsia 2007

    RFS will be on-hand at June’s BroadcastAsia exhibition to discuss how the right network infrastructure choices now can streamline introduction of future services, such as mobile TV and multimedia services.

  25. 12-Jun-2007

    RFS/EMR Corp. agreement signals new era in land-mobile

    RFS has announced the inking of a landmark agreement with Phoenix-based RF group, EMR Corporation. The agreement, which will merge two of the US’s leading land-mobile RF solution sets, represents a positive evolution for this crucial sector.

  26. 11-Jun-2007

    New Zealand to go DTV with RFS

    RFS will play a key role in New Zealand’s targeted 2008 digital TV launch. RFS will supply passive RF equipment for 18 key DTV broadcast sites, providing coverage to over 75 per cent of the population.

  27. 10-Jun-2007

    West Pearl Tower ready for DTV

    West Pearl Tower, a 339-meter (1112-foot) telecommunications tower in Sichuan Province, China, is now home to a host of new VHF and UHF television broadcast facilities, plus FM radio systems, supplied and installed by RFS.

  28. 08-Jun-2007

    RFS wins nationwide UHF TV expansion project in Vietnam

    RFS has been appointed by Vietnam’s national television broadcaster, Vietnam Television (VTV), to provide complete end-to-end passive broadcast solutions for a 12-site network expansion of its analog television network.

  29. 08-Jun-2007

    RFS supports Arqiva for 2007 DSO sites

    RFS supplies broadband antenna systems to Arqiva for five sites in support of the UK’s digital switchover of TV services. The initial order is for main and reserve broadband panel arrays, flexible coaxial transmission line, and switch-frames.

  30. 25-May-2007

    RFS OMNI FIT--the aluminum/copper connection

    RFS has introduced an important complement to its transmission line family: the new OMNI FIT connector series. Offered in 7/8-inch and 1-5/8-inch diameter size, OMNI FIT connectors are compatible with both copper and aluminum transmission line.

  31. 01-May-2007

    RFS appoints new APAC VP for sales and marketing

    RFS has announced the appointment of Fred Rees to the key position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing for RFS Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, Rees is responsible for the dynamic markets of China, East Asia, Japan, and Australasia.

  32. 20-Apr-2007

    New RFS distributor enters Canada’s wireless market

    RFS has appointed Power & Telephone Supply of Canada (Power & Tel) as its newest distributor in Canada.

  33. 09-Apr-2007

    Final transition to digital in focus for RFS at NAB 2007

    At April’s NAB exhibition, RFS will exhibit a broadcast solution tailored to assist the US’s many thousands of LPTV broadcasters in their final conversion to digital.

  34. 07-Apr-2007

    RFS promotes early RF planning for Mobile TV at NAB 2007

    Mobile television is shaping up to be a central theme of April’s NAB exhibition in Las Vegas--Radio Frequency Systems will be on-hand to address the many questions, issues and challenges surrounding this emerging market.

  35. 06-Apr-2007

    RFS launches ‘tailored for mobile TV’ L-band antenna at NAB 2007

    The world’s first purpose-built for mobile TV L-band panel antenna will be unveiled by Radio Frequency Systems at the annual NAB exhibition in April this year.

  36. 02-Apr-2007

    New RFS GPM provides ClearFill vision

    RFS announces the appointment of Marc Käumle as its new Global Product Manager (GPM) for its Wireless INdoor Solutions (WINS) sector. His role embraces product strategy and business development for the breakthrough RFS ClearFill solution set.

  37. 30-Mar-2007

    Gain advantage with RFS triple-band VET antenna

    A new triple-band variable electrical tilt (VET) base station antenna series from Radio Frequency Systems provides performance where it really counts in third-generation (3G) network roll-outs--high-band gain and premium tilt control.

  38. 19-Mar-2007

    Quadruple-play inspires RFS tower-top convergence suite

    Converged tower-top solutions--and their ability to meet the increasing performance demands of emerging quadruple-play applications--will be the main theme for Radio Frequency Systems at the 2007 CTIA Wireless exhibition.

  39. 18-Mar-2007

    RFS “optimal mix” AWS solution set unveiled at CTIA Wireless 2007

    At CTIA Wireless 2007, Radio Frequency Systems will address the needs of AWS-band spectrum owners head-on, with the launch of an entirely new range of tower-top RF technology, specifically designed for the new band.

  40. 17-Mar-2007

    RFS unveils ‘UMTS-on-AWS’ RF control at CTIA Wireless 07

    A new AISGv2.0-compliant tower-top control and monitoring suite that specifically addresses the unique challenges facing carriers planning to deploy UMTS-on-AWS will be unveiled by Radio Frequency Systems at CTIA Wireless 2007.

  41. 16-Mar-2007

    RFS low-profile cluster range at Orlando Expo

    In response to widespread demand for environmentally friendly base station solutions, Radio Frequency Systems will reveal an expanded range of antenna system cluster configurations at CTIA Wireless 2007 in Orlando, Florida.

  42. 11-Mar-2007

    RFS Cellular/PCS TMA family--top performance in lightest package

    At CTIA Wireless 2007, RFS will exhibit a selection of its renowned US Cellular and PCS-band TMAs--a family of dual-duplex TMAs that provides unrivalled performance in the market’s lightest and most compact form factor.

  43. 10-Mar-2007

    RFS meets the AWS backhaul challenge at CTIA Wireless 2007

    New AWS license-holders now face the challenge of relocating the band’s incumbent-users--at CTIA Wireless 2007, Radio Frequency Systems will be available to discuss microwave solutions to meet these unique band relocation requirements.

  44. 05-Mar-2007

    RFS takes on co-location at Convergence India 2007

    At Convergence India 2007, Radio Frequency Systems will exhibit a unique base station RF solution-set that is tailored to meet India’s co-location challenge head on.

  45. 05-Mar-2007

    India's growth and change presents challenge and opportunity, says RFS

    At Convergence India 2007, Radio Frequency Systems will showcase its extensive range of RF solutions, tailored to meet the tower-top needs of what is arguably the most challenging period in India's wireless sector history.

  46. 21-Feb-2007

    RFSWorld brings global wireless developments to local levels

    Two important additions have been made to the RFSWorld.com web site: RFS DataXpress Product Finder, an optimized searchable product catalogue; and STAY CONNECTED Xpress, a suite of local-language, region-specific versions of RFS’s STAY CONNECTED.

  47. 04-Feb-2007

    RFS proves AISGv2-ready at 3GSM Barcelona

    At the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona, leading wireless technology group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), will unveil a new end-to-end solution set that allows remote control and monitoring of tower-top RF components.

  48. 03-Feb-2007

    Mobile multi-play to reshape tower top, predicts RFS

    Service convergence in the mobile domain will be the defining characteristic of the next generation of communications, according to David Kiesling, RFS Global Product Manager Wireless Infrastructure Solutions.

  49. 02-Feb-2007

    ClearFill: RFS launches new breed of confined coverage solutions

    Offering unrivalled flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the new ClearFill suite of Wireless INdoor Solutions (WINS) from Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will be unveiled to European audiences at 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona.

  50. 29-Jan-2007

    CELLFLEX Lite--now in 1-5/8-inch

    The world’s first corrugated aluminum transmission line--CELLFLEX Lite--is now offered in 1-5/8-inch diameter size, and will be showcased at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona.

  51. 29-Jan-2007

    RFS launches global WiMAX adaptive antenna solution at 3GSM

    The next in the series of Radio Frequency Systems’ ‘WiMAX-ready’ adaptive antenna systems--a truly global wideband suite--will be unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 exhibition in Barcelona.

  52. 22-Jan-2007

    New RFS Optimizer well matched for 3G

    As 3G network deployments gather momentum across the globe, wireless technology leader Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will launch a new platform of high-performance Optimizer base station antennas at the 3GSM World Congress exhibition in Barcelona.

  53. 22-Jan-2007

    RFS talks Mobile TV at 3GSM World Congress 2007

    Mobile entertainment, and most particularly mobile television, is shaping up to be a central theme of February’s 3GSM World Congress 2007 conference and exhibition in Barcelona....

  54. 22-Jan-2007

    RFS eases cable pricing administration for customers

    Radio Frequency Systems has reduced customers’ administrative burden by rationalizing its transmission line pricing structure. RFS’s streamlined pricing policy is being welcomed by purchasers of transmission lines around the globe.

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