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  1. 08-Dec-2006

    RFS's Optimizer Rooftop debuts at 3GSM 2007

    At the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona, leading wireless technology group, Radio Frequency Systems, will unveil its new all-in-one rooftop antenna solution--the Optimizer Rooftop.

  2. 07-Dec-2006

    RFS dual-duplex TMAs meet AWS time-to-market challenges

    A new series of tower-mount amplifiers (TMAs), specifically designed to meet the needs of broadband wireless data applications in the advanced wireless services (AWS) band, has been unveiled by wireless technology leader, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).

  3. 07-Dec-2006

    RFS CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation tailored for AWS band

    In the wake of the recent advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum auctions, wireless technology group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), has announced a transmission line that meets the new band’s attenuation challenges head-on--CELLFLEX ‘A’  [...]

  4. 22-Nov-2006

    RFS to introduce ClearFill at ITU Telecom World

    In support of escalating demand for wireless coverage inside buildings and tunnels, RF technology group Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has developed ClearFill--an innovative suite of end-to-end wireless indoor solutions (WINS).

  5. 17-Nov-2006

    Wireless on virtual world front-line, says RFS chief

  6. 18-Oct-2006

    RFS/Eve partnership supports UK’s first step toward DSO

  7. 27-Sep-2006

    New RFS Optimizer well matched for AWS

  8. 22-Sep-2006

    Global effort brings nationwide TV to Tanzania

  9. 14-Sep-2006

    RFS recycles cabling concept

  10. 01-Sep-2006

    RFS updates transmission line products surcharge (Q4)

  11. 24-Aug-2006

    RFS exhibits ‘DVB-H ready’ monopole antenna suite at IBC 2006

  12. 24-Aug-2006

    Mobile TV demands RF diversity, says RFS

  13. 23-Aug-2006

    New 40-mm filter tunes into combiner

  14. 31-Jul-2006

    CELLFLEX L-series--world’s first corrugated aluminum transmission line

  15. 25-Jul-2006

    Weimar gets digital TV and more

  16. 12-Jul-2006

    China mobilizes for mobile TV

  17. 29-Jun-2006

    Double cell size with 1800-MHz booster

  18. 28-Jun-2006

    ‘Dr. Q’ garners prestigious prize for RFS

  19. 27-Jun-2006

    Nortel and RFS collaborate to deliver multi-beam PCS ‘smart’ antenna technology

  20. 26-Jun-2006

    SlimLine on Swan Lake

  21. 24-Jun-2006

    AWS auctions set off backhaul reshuffle

  22. 01-Jun-2006

    RFS doing dialog at BroadcastAsia 2006

  23. 01-Jun-2006

    RFS updates transmission line products surcharge scheme (Q3)

  24. 31-May-2006

    Web serves up RF system status

  25. 30-May-2006

    RFS demonstrates fast bit-rate ‘fiber-to-the-tower-top’ solution

  26. 29-May-2006

    Emergency radio taken in-tunnel

  27. 16-May-2006

    Fourth edition of RFS Products catalog now available

  28. 01-May-2006

    ‘Premium’ jumper cables lead in performance

  29. 29-Apr-2006

    Lighthouse provides GSM coverage

  30. 12-Apr-2006

    TV Globo opts for RFS tailored antenna solution

  31. 10-Apr-2006

    RFS superturnstile turns heads at NAB 2006

  32. 10-Apr-2006

    Universal digital RF solutions from RFS at NAB 2006

  33. 09-Apr-2006

    CELL-Tape offers a colorful solution to a sticky situation

  34. 31-Mar-2006

    Nortel and RFS collaborate to deliver multi-beam PCS ‘smart’ antenna technology

  35. 26-Mar-2006

    RFS speeds Advanced Wireless Systems at CTIA Wireless 2006

  36. 25-Mar-2006

    Fast bit-rate remote radio head at CTIA Wireless 2006

  37. 24-Mar-2006

    RFS WiMAX adaptive antenna at CTIA Wireless 2006

  38. 23-Mar-2006

    RFS in-line diplexers offer flexibility-plus at CTIA Wireless 2006

  39. 22-Mar-2006

    Twin PCS TMA halves tower TMA count

  40. 06-Mar-2006

    RFS tackles the co-location/rural conundrum at Convergence India 2006

  41. 24-Feb-2006

    RFS Penetrator takes on 700-MHz public-safety radio

  42. 01-Feb-2006

    RFS introduces transmission line products surcharge scheme

  43. 30-Jan-2006

    WiMAX adaptive antenna to be unveiled at 3GSM Barcelona

  44. 27-Jan-2006

    ‘All-in-one’ tower-top solution unveiled at 3GSM Barcelona

  45. 26-Jan-2006

    RFS low-profile cluster range expands

  46. 25-Jan-2006

    RFS rides the wave of change at 3GSM06

  47. 16-Jan-2006

    RFS demystifies DTF at NATE 2006

  48. 13-Jan-2006

    RFS offers SMR radio plug-and-play

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