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New LTE-ready, triple-band base station antenna from RFS features innovative design that dramatically reduces wind load with no compromises in electrical performance

Colombes (France), July 5, 2011 – Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today announced the availability of a new cross-polarized, triple-band base station antenna that delivers an unmatched combination of design and performance innovations, including LTE 800 support. Externally, the 2.6 meter, high-gain antenna features a half-cylinder radome shape that reduces wind load by up to 50 percent compared to competitive offerings. Internally, it features an inline 29-dipole design to provide optimal pattern symmetry and a phase shifter for every dipole to ensure a precise pattern across all tilt ranges from 2 to 12 degrees. This means there are no compromises in electrical performance.

RFS' new triple-band base station antenna operates in the 790 MHz to 2170 MHz frequency range, making it ideal for LTE 800, CDMA 850, GSM 900, UMTS 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900 and UMTS 2100 applications worldwide. With triple-band support, operators can support multiple wireless technologies without adding antennas to heavily loaded towers or increasing leasing costs. Reduced wind load also helps towers remain stable in severe weather conditions.

The antenna features a distinctive design that combines compact sizing with superior electrical performance. These factors make the antenna particularly well suited to urban environments where space constraints and interference present challenges. The antenna offers a broader tilt range and better upper sidelobe suppression than the competition, high gain and good voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) across the full frequency range. Variable electric downtilt enhances operators' ability to control intercell interference.

"Our goal was to develop a triple-band base station antenna with a compact size, reduced tower loading and no compromises in electrical performance and that is exactly what we have achieved," says Teppo Lukkarila, Product Line Manager in charge of Base Station Antennas and Site Optimization Products at RFS. "The antenna's wind load rating — confirmed in wind tunnel testing — is only 590 Newtons. That's 50 percent better than the wind load ratings of some of our top competitors. At the same time, the antenna supports multiple technologies and delivers the performance and precise control operators need to minimize interference in increasingly dense environments. It is as innovative on the inside as it is on the outside. Our rigorous design, test and manufacturing standards ensure operators have a high-performance, multi-band antenna that is built to last."

With support for LTE 800, RFS' new base station antenna reflects the company's ongoing commitment to developing products for 4G technologies. Subsequent members of this antenna family, expected later in 2011, will include dual-band and quad-band versions covering global LTE frequencies.

The antenna's unique combination of low-wind-load design and electrical performance are capturing attention in the industry. Two of the world's top 10 mobile operators are already qualifying the just-released antenna with other major operators following close behind. For ease and speed of installation, the antenna comes with six conveniently spaced ports.

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