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Mobilink chooses CELLFLEX Lite for network expansion

Radio Frequency Systems will provide Pakistan’s leading wireless carrier, Mobilink, with a unique transmission line solution in support of the carrier’s ongoing nationwide wireless network expansion. RFS’s CELLFLEX Lite--an aluminum-based RF transmission line solution--has been selected by Mobilink for use at thousands of base station sites across Pakistan’s urban and rural regions.

CELLFLEX Lite is the world’s first aluminum outer/copper inner foam dielectric corrugated coaxial cable. Supporting the crucial base station-to-antenna link in the Mobilink deployment, CELLFLEX Lite will provide the carrier with the optimum price point and performance combination.

Before making its selection, Mobilink tested the RFS CELLFLEX Lite transmission line at both urban and regional base stations across its existing countrywide network. Subjected to the rigors of everyday wireless network operation, CELLFLEX Lite passed with flying colors, displaying first-class attenuation, return-loss and intermodulation performance.

According to Mobilink Senior Production Manager, Omar Massoud, Mobilink’s approval of CELLFLEX Lite is testament to the cable’s reliability and performance. “We were extremely impressed with the performance of the CELLFLEX Lite transmission line,” he said. “CELLFLEX Lite was tested over a period of six months in Mobilink’s operating wireless network, and easily complied with our electrical performance criteria. In fact, the electrical performance of CELLFLEX Lite has proven superior to some copper transmission solutions.”

Mobilink is the first Pakistani wireless carrier to deploy CELLFLEX Lite. “Mobilink has always incorporated the latest technologies into its wireless networks,” said Massoud. “With approximately 27 million subscribers, it is crucial that we utilize the highest quality RF components to provide our customers with the premium service they have become accustomed to.”

In addition to CELLFLEX Lite, RFS will provide Mobilink with a range of transmission line solutions and accessories. “RFS is to supply two sizes of CELLFLEX Lite transmission line--7/8-inch diameter, plus 1-5/8-inch diameter,” said RFS Regional Sales Manager, Kashif Salman. “Mobilink has also asked RFS to provide a range of jumpers, earthing kits, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection devices, weather-proofing kits and a selection of OMNI-FIT transmission line connectors.”

This recent CELLFLEX Lite purchase builds on the strong Mobilink/RFS partnership forged over the past few years. “RFS has been supplying Mobilink with a range of antennas, transmission line and RF accessories for a number of years now,” said Massoud. “RFS continues to play a vital role in the successful operation of Mobilink wireless networks.”

With the Mobilink network roll-outs forging ahead, the future of Pakistan’s wireless communication landscape looks promising. ”RFS is looking forward to working with Mobilink to expand the carrier’s wireless network and deliver wireless communications to Pakistanis, nationwide,” said Salman.

[IMAGE CAPTION]: Mobilink is the first Pakistani wireless carrier to deploy RFS's CELLFLEX Lite--the world's first aluminium-based RF transmission line.

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