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Milestone for RFS Mexico

After less than a year of operation, Radio Frequency Systems Mexico (RFS Mexico) is supplying RF technology on a massive scale to Mexico’s third largest wireless carrier Iusacell, in two related projects. 

The larger project, for the expansion and enhancement of Iusacell’s mobile network to support third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) technology, is being executed by Alcatel-Lucent and comprises over 1,000 base-station sites. RFS Mexico's scope of supply for the project—which includes base-station antennas, transmission line and microwave antennas—represents a true end-to-end RF solution set. Beyond that, RFS is providing technical and local logistics support, including warehouse facilities, for the duration of the deployment. In a related project, Iusacell has also invited RFS Mexico to directly supply approximately 100km (60 miles) of transmission lines and accessories for 300 base-station sites. 

The nationwide network, which is due to for completion by July 2008, will provide 3G broadband services based on evolution-data optimized revision A (EV-DO Rev A) technology. EV-DO Rev. A enables users to receive data (forward link) at speeds up to 3.1 Megabits per second (Mbps) and send data (reverse link) at speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. These increased forward and reverse link data speeds reduce data latency and will enable Iusacell to deliver multimedia services to its subscribers. 

According to RFS Mexico commercial director, Juan Pablo Arias, the overall project is one of the largest in RFS Mexico’s short history. RFS's 7/8-inch and 1-5/8-inch CELLFLEX coaxial cables, are playing a prominent role in the phased, nationwide deployment. Its ease of handling has proven ideal for the complex project, with some 260km (160 miles) of the new transmission line scheduled to be used across the Iusacell 3G roll-out. 

“RFS is also supplying 4,500 broadband base-station antennas and 1,200 integrated microwave antennas,” Arias said. “Locally manufactured RFS CompactLine microwave antennas are used in conjunction with Alcatel-Lucent’s microwave radio equipment for the backhaul network. The solid body CompactLine microwave antennas range from one to four feet in diameter and operate at 7GHz, 15GHz or 23GHz.” 

Such is the scale of the project, that RFS’s new Mexico facility has been supplemented by an additional project-specific warehouse. RFS is working closely with both Alcatel-Lucent as the system integrator and Iusacell to ensure that the demanding logistical requirements are met. “RFS and its partners have established a forecasting system to manage the manufacturing and logistics schedules,” said Arias. “Within this regime, however, flexibility is a must. In a project as large and complex as this, priorities can change quickly, and our logistics center is geared to respond.” 

For RFS Mexico, the projects represented a major undertaking. “Meeting all the requirements of our first deployments of this size has been immensely satisfying,” said Arias. “With our in-house skills and processes in place, the new manufacturing facility has exceeded expectations. Thanks to these two projects, RFS will gain a significant market share, allowing a higher penetration into Mexico’s strongly competitive market.” 

As a result of these projects, RFS Mexico believes it will expand the core business to include other RFS lines, such as indoor applications or optimization solutions—RF conditioning. “We look forward to completing the initial projects, and taking on more challenges of this kind throughout Mexico and the Central American region,” Arias said.


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