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Low-profile clusters with increased functionality

Addressing growing environmental issues, wireless technology group Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has expanded its cluster antenna solution set, to provide a low-profile configuration with improved functionality and flexibility. To be displayed at 3GSM World Congress 2005, the slim new RFS ACXV series cluster allows azimuth adjustment of individual antennas, and incorporates a dedicated section for integrated tower-mounted amplifiers (TMA).

The ACXV cluster range supports the full RFS range of high-performance Optimizer broadband antennas in the 1710 to 2170 MHz band--with two models designed to support a tri-sector configuration of panel antennas in either 1.3- or 1.8-metre lengths. Intended for cluttered urban landscapes, it is the only cluster mount on the market that allows up to 20 degrees independent azimuth adjustment of each antenna. This is achieved via a tri-sector arrangement with azimuth adjustment fixtures on each of the three antenna brackets.

"The individual azimuth adjustment means that we can achieve much greater coverage optimization and flexibility," said Patrick Nobileau, RFS Vice President Base Station Antenna Systems. With the means to vary each azimuth independently, one antenna in the cluster can be substituted by a 'dummy' antenna, while the azimuths of the remaining operational antennas are angled to provide the required coverage. "In the case of a crossroad for example, three antennas aren't necessary if just two can be adequately manoeuvred," explained Nobileau. "This presents a more lightweight and cost effective solution for basic installations."

Another important feature of the RFS ACXV cluster solution is the optional integrated TMA module. According to Nobileau, the current global roll-out of universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) networks is requiring significant use of TMAs. "In most cases, finding a site for UMTS means finding a site for TMAs as well," he said. RFS has developed the new cluster unit to fit a TMA module at its base, thereby minimizing space requirements and simplifying installation wiring.

"The real issue RFS is tackling with its entire cluster mount set is that of site acquisitions," said Nobileau. "This new low-profile cluster mount builds on the existing features of the RFS low-cost APM70 cluster series, and together they provide a complete array of solutions." Both cluster series are versatile and ready to use--and for further reduced visual impact can incorporate a treated surface camouflage option.

Additionally, the new low-profile ACXV range offers an optional interface module that allows the cluster to be mounted on a wide range of structures. Discover RFS's complete range of solutions at 3GSM World Congress 2005: Hall 2, Stand G2, Le Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France, 14 to 17 February 2005.

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