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Innovative RFS ultra-broadband antennas selected by M1 for South-East Asia’s first commercial LTE Network

Shanghai, June 22, 2011 - Business and consumer end users in Singapore will soon enjoy the full benefits of next-generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology enabled by innovative ultra-broadband antennas from Radio Frequency Systems, the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist. M1, the leading provider of mobile and fixed communications services to over 1.9 million customers in Singapore, is building its LTE network using 3,000 advanced RFS ultra-broadband antennas at approximately 1,000 sites in the South-East Asia’s first commercial LTE network.

LTE is the next-generation of mobile network. It enables mobile service providers to offer end users a higher quality of experience (QoE) based on increased capacity and speed, as well as lower latency in support of real-time services. The M1 LTE network will deliver downlink speeds up to 300 Mbps. As a result, M1 mobile subscribers will be able to download a 1080p high definition movie trailer (167 MB) in mere seconds, rather than the several minutes the same file would require over a 3G network.

RFS ultra-broadband antennas dramatically simplify antenna requirements by supporting the full range of potential LTE frequencies on a single platform. Ready for LTE testing today, they eliminate the need to replace or add antennas as service providers trial and deploy LTE services at different frequencies.

Available in dual polarization or side-by-side quad polarization versions, these antennas feature RFS premium performance: high gain, high upper sidelobe suppression and performance stability across frequencies. They also provide easy adjustments, optional remote tilt, and a low-profile design to minimize visual impact. The variable electrical tilt feature allows the antennas to be adjusted from zero to 12 degrees for enhanced precision when controlling intercell interference. And the side-by-side version gives operators increased flexibility to support multiple technologies, seamlessly add capacity and benefit from additional capabilities.

M1 has selected the RFS side-by-side, dual polarized ultra-broadband antenna with variable electric tilt for its LTE network. These units offer a combination of two cross-polarized antennas in a single radome and are designed for applications that require a minimum number of antennas at a cell site to reduce tower loading. They offer the same rugged construction as the new RFS H Series high band antennas, and are ideal for LTE 2.6, 3G, PCS, AWS, GSM 1800 and Mobile TV networks where high gain is required.

“With RFS LTE-ready ultra-broadband antennas, M1 is ensuring it is able to optimize the speed, capacity and power of its new LTE network and bring innovative new services to its growing customer base,” said Peter Zhu, Sales Manager at RFS Asia. “We look forward to working with M1 as it deploys its LTE network and extends the full benefits of LTE technologies to the Singapore market. This success paves the way for other LTE deployments powered by RFS state-of-the-art base station antenna technology throughout Asia.”

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