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India's growth and change presents challenge and opportunity, says RFS

India's record-breaking wireless sector growth, coupled with a dramatic 'season of change' passing across the nation's wireless landscape, is presenting a unique range of wireless network deployment and management challenges. At Convergence India 2007, leading RF technology group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), will showcase its extensive range of RF solutions, tailored to meet the tower-top needs of what is arguably the most challenging period in India's wireless sector history.

According to RFS India Country Manager, Sukant Chakravarty, the re-shaping of India’s wireless sector is largely based around establishing and enhancing wireless connectivity in both urban and rural areas. “India currently has a mobile tele-density of just two per cent in the rural areas, and 40 per cent in the urban areas,” said Chakravarty. “With the rate of wireless network deployment in India at an all-time high, network providers are continually looking for alternative ways of delivering quality mobile services and coverage to both urban and rural users.”

Featured at Convergence India 2007, the world’s first corrugated aluminum transmission line--CELLFLEX Lite--presents carriers with an ideal network roll-out option. “CELLFLEX Lite will support the affordable and speedy roll-out of wireless networks across India,” said Chakravarty. “Its light-weight design, coupled with its single and multiple bending-radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for India’s potentially congested tower-top applications.”

According to Chakravarty, providing India’s rural villages with telecommunications has long presented a major challenge. “Deploying and maintaining fixed copper/fiber infrastructure is difficult and costly when compared with wireless alternatives,” he said. “Operators moving into India’s low subscriber-density rural areas are faced with the challenge of realizing almost immediate coverage over very large cell areas. CELLFLEX Lite allows users to simplify this process.

With new urban developments, such as shopping malls, metros, high-rise residential buildings and office skyscrapers, comes an escalating demand for wireless coverage inside buildings and tunnels. In response, RFS’s new ClearFill suite of wireless indoor solutions (WINS) will be unveiled to Indian audiences at Convergence India 2007. RFS’s breakthrough ClearFill solution set comprises a modular mix of passive and active technologies for harnessing and distributing RF signals inside buildings and tunnels.

“With India in the midst of a construction boom--approximately 3,000 new buildings are scheduled for completion by 2009--RFS is uniquely placed to provide the country with complete global WINS solutions,” said Chakravarty. “ClearFill is totally scaleable and flexible to support a wide range of services--including commercial cellular (2G, 3G), safety radio (GSM-R, TETRA), FM, WiFi, WiMAX and even mobile TV.”

RFS will also exhibit its ‘co-location solution set’ at Convergence India 2007--a comprehensive range of dual and triple band base station antennas, drawn from its premium-performance Optimizer family. Available in dual-band and side-by-side formats, the Optimizer multi-band family permits new services to be added with a simple antenna replacement.

“We will also showcase our range of RF conditioning products, tailored to address the co-location interference challenges facing operators the world over,” said Chakravarty. “Our comprehensive selection of bandpass filters are designed to minimize interference and dropped calls that can occur as a result of base station co-location.”

To learn more of RFS’s tailored tower top solutions set, visit the RFS Convergence India booth no. C-135, hall no. 11, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 20 to 22 March 2007.

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