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HYBRIFLEX™ cuts Remote Radio Head deployment costs

HYBRIFLEX brings operators the world’s first hybrid cabling solution to combine optical fiber and DC power for Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) in a single, high-performance lightweight aluminum corrugated cable.

With RFS' patented single-cable architecture, mobile operators can connect up to three sectors with a single composite optical fiber and power cable with the grounding function incorporated directly in the cable. This breakthrough approach reduces the number of RRH cables required from nine to one to dramatically simplify and cut the costs of installation while enabling significant operational savings.

Installation of stripped fiber optic cable pairs directly to the RRH eliminates the need for expensive junction boxes and limits wind load. Incorporating the grounding function, which is critical to RRHs, also eliminates the need for and cost of cable grounding.

For maximum flexibility, HYBRIFLEX can be connectorized on-site. Alternatively, pre-connectorized solutions and services are available to help standardize the RRH cabling process.



Corrugated aluminum armor with outstanding bending characteristics

Minimizes installation time, eliminates need for expensive cable trays and ducts, enables ability to ground the RRH

Installation of stripped fiber optic cable pairs directly to the RRH (individual UV-protection jackets)

Reduces capital expenditures (CAPEX) and wind load by eliminating the need for interconnection or split-up boxes

Accessories common with RFS standard 1/2-inch and 7/8-inch feeder cables

Reduces inventory requirements and simplifies installation logistics (grounding kits, hanger kits and wall glands)

Optical fiber and power cables housed in a single corrugated cable

Saves CAPEX by standardizing RRH cable installation and reducing workforce requirements

Outer-conductor grounding

Eliminates the need for additional grounding cable and saves installation costs

Lightweight aluminum construction and compact design

Decreases tower load

Bulk delivery and factory pre-connectorized options available

Provides the ability to choose the best approach for each deployment scenario

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