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HF Antennas

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Broadband Monopoles
Designed for medium to long distance omnidirectional operation, these antennas exhibit low angle radiation patterns - an economical solution for general HF communication applications.

Rotatable Log Periodics
High performance directional antennas designed to provide short, medium and long range coverage. These units exhibit high gain characteristics coupled with excellent rotational speed and accuracy, making these multipurpose antennas the ideal solution for multilink applications.

Biconical Dipoles
This omnidirectional broadband series is designed for short and medium range coverage. As neither terminating resistors nor antenna tuning hardware is required, essentially all input power is radiated.

HF Short Wave Broadcast Antennas
High performance omni- and directional antennas are available to suit shortwave HF broadcasting applications. These antennas are capable of handling input powers up to approximately 50kWand have a wide frequency bandwidth.

Standard & Tandem Deltas
Omnidirectional high angle radiators designed for ionospheric propagation over short to medium distances. Radiation results from a wave travelling upward to a resistive termination at the antenna’s apex. Similar in form to the standard delta, the tandem delta does not have a terminating resistor as a result, all input power is radiated, achieving gains of 3-4dB over the standard delta.

Horizontal & Vertical Log Periodics
Suitable for short to long distance applications, RFS’s horizontal log periodic antenna performance is virtually ground independent, with take-off angle able to be tailored to suit particular requirements. Alternatively, RFS vertical log periodic antenna series provides ground-dependent vertical beamwidths and is characterized by a low angle radiation that is essentially constant at all frequencies.

Surface wave radar
RFS has developed a comprehensive range of transmit and receive antennas for surface wave systems. Surface wave radar antennas are available in various configurations optimized to suit customer requirements.

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