HF & Tactical Antenna Systems

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Manpack antennas to major HF installations...
RFS is a world leader in the innovative design, manufacture and installation of HF antennas, combiners, baluns and associated subsystems. RFS also excels in the design, development and manufacture of leading-edge tactical and transportable antenna systems. As RFS designs are broadband, its antennas suit a wide range of applications ranging from simple low cost SSB installations to complex large scale military installations and electronic warfare countermeasure systems.

From short, medium and long-distance HF and broadband coverage to ionospheric propagation and shore-ship/ship-shore/ground-air communications, the RFS product range includes tactical manpack, transportable and stationary antennas for all omnidirectional and directional applications and field conditions.

RFS HF and tactical antennas provide economical and innovative solutions that can be fully tailored to suit particular system requirements and applications.

Field Service
RFS provides a comprehensive antenna field service, with field staff available to support all antenna site activities – site planning and clearing, through installation to final system testing and commissioning.

Custom HF System Design Services
RFS has an in-house team of HF engineering experts. For 30 years RFS engineering has provided government and military bodies with consulting and design services.

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