Wireless Indoor Solutions

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What does WINS stand for?

WINS stands for Wireless Indoor Solutions offering to customers RF communication systems for confined areas. It enables people to use their mobile radios and cellular phones in areas not normally covered with RF signals.

WINS provides solutions

Throughout the world RFS provides complete broadband wireless solutions for most kinds of confined areas such as those found in metros, tunnels, buildings, and other covered structures. As an experienced leader in this marketplace RFS has the expertise combined with innovative products. These products include passive (cable, antennas, filters, combiners, etc.), and optical (fiber optic converters, etc.) that are internally designed and manufactured.


  • Tunnels – metros, train tunnels, street tunnels, service tunnels
  • Buildings – high rise buildings, corporate buildings, campus areas, arenas, airports, train stations, shopping centers
  • Vehicles – In-train, aircrafts, offshore oil platforms, vessels (commercial and military)
  • Mines

From cable deliverer to solution provider

RFS has long expertise in the RF coverage of confined areas, starting with the first radiating cable in the seventies for communication in tunnels. At that time no one could imagine the success story of the mobile consumer communication. Radiating cable was installed to enable analog trunk communication between the train driver and the related operation centers at a low RF frequencies in the range of 75 MHz to 150 MHz. Today the requirements and expectations in a RF communication network have changed greatly. Coverage must be provided for a number of different services at different frequencies. Broadband technique is now requested transmitting mainly digital signals up to 2.4 GHz including WLAN services and more.

RFS offers complete RF system solutions for nearly every kind of confined area. These systems vary from specific solutions for large tunnel projects to a cost-effective modular system for In-building; from passive system approach to active driven systems with an optical fiber backbone structure. Last but not least RFS rounds up their spectrum offering complete remote surveillance systems for active equipment like amplifiers and electro-optical converters.

All services – one stop shopping

The development of high performance RF equipment and components combined with quality products has made RFS very successful in the global marketplace.

Besides the development and production of system equipment, RFS has extensive experience in the international markets in providing the complete range of services from basic system design to full turnkey solutions. Complex broadband wireless turnkey solutions have been designed, installed, and commissioned in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Europe, and the Americas.

RFS provides the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Project management
  • Installation (also subcontracting to local companies)
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance tests
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Turnkey

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