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30-Mar-2007 Print page

Gain advantage with RFS triple-band VET antenna

A new triple-band variable electrical tilt (VET) base station antenna series from leading wireless technology company, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), provides performance where it really counts in third-generation (3G) network roll-outs--high-band gain and premium tilt control.

Available in three lengths (1.6 meter/5.25 foot, 2.1 meter/7 foot and 2.6 meter/8.5 foot), the new triple-band antenna exhibits an unrivalled 17.5dBi nominal high-band gain. The antenna comprises two broadband high-band arrays (1710 to 2170MHz) and one low-band array (880 to 960MHz), all in a compact slim-line package.

Courtesy of the antenna’s unique and world-patented ‘side-by-side’ multi-band architecture, the 17.5dBi high-band gain is consistent across both the high bands, and across all three models. High-band gain is a vital factor in 3G roll-outs: it helps supplement comprehensive indoor/in-building coverage in urban environments, and achieve larger cell sizes for premium coverage in rural applications.

For premium optimization and network management, the new triple-band antenna provides independent VET of 2 to 10 degrees across all three bands. Control across this market-leading tilt range is realized via Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG)-compliant control technology.

Conventional multi-band antennas typically use a ‘stacked’ architecture, which not only causes a gain differential between both the high bands, but also physically limits the gain that can be achieved in all three bands. “The RFS ‘side-by-side’ architecture overcomes these problems, and ensures that both high bands in any one antenna are electromagnetically equivalent,” said RFS Area Product Manager, Rémi Deniel. “More importantly, it allows us to achieve the highest levels of high-band gain in the tri-band sector, and to maintain the same high-band gain across all three lengths in the antenna series.”

Compact and aesthetically attractive, the RFS tri-band antenna offers excellent upper side lobe suppression, exhibiting first upper side-lobe levels of better than 18dB on the low band and 15dB on both high bands.

As both its high-band arrays exhibit true broadband performance, the new RFS triple-band VET antenna series is uniquely ‘global’. Both high bands can support GSM 1800MHz and UMTS 2100MHz bands, plus North American personal communications services (PCS) 1900MHz and the new advanced wireless services (AWS) 2100MHz bands. The antenna’s low-band supported services include the GSM 900MHz band.

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