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Full chain of digital solutions from RFS

the IBC 2004 exhibition in Amsterdam this September, wireless technology group Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will display its comprehensive portfolio of total RF system solutions for European digital terrestrial broadcasting.

“We will be exhibiting solutions for the entire RF chain--from the output of the transmitter to the top of the mast,” said Paul Newsome, RFS Senior Sales Manager for Broadcast and Defence Systems. “Whether broadcasters are seeking to overlay existing analogue services with digital or deploy new digital infrastructure, RFS has the product portfolio to meet their total RF system requirements. This includes digital mask filters, RF combining options, broadband antennas and transmission line. We can even offer steel-framed towers as the result of our close affiliation with CGTI in France.”

According to Newsome, RFS is also expanding its European manufacturing capability. “In response to the continuing demand for complete broadband systems in Europe, we are increasing the volume of panel array manufacture and the size of our local support team,” he said.

In support of Europe’s transition to digital broadcasting, RFS will be launching three new RF filtering/combining products at the IBC 2004 exhibition: an ultra-compact manifold UHF combiner, a family of DAB Band III filters, and an integrated VHF combiner.

The ultra-compact low-power manifold UHF combiner is a fully integrated unit designed for combining digital channels (up to 250 W) down to semi-adjacent channel spacings. With just half the footprint and weight of RFS’s balanced UHF module, the manifold combiner is also tuneable over the entire UHF band and exhibits low losses for its filter sizes (up to 7-pole). When used in a hybrid system with the RFS low-power balanced UHF combiner, adjacent channel combining can be achieved, offering a highly compact and low-cost solution.

The new family of DAB Band III filters will be available in three cavity sizes (100 mm, 180 mm and 270 mm) for transmitter powers from 500 to 2500 W. Of the six and eight-pole variants offered, the eight-pole model provides critical transmitter mask filtering. Tunable from 170 to 240 MHz (1.54 MHz bandwidth), the filters exhibit low loss and may also be used as the core components of DAB Band III adjacent channel combining solutions. Using a similar platform of components, the RFS low-power integrated (balanced) VHF combiner provides a unique solution for those broadcasters seeking to overlay VHF television services with digital; it offers adjacent channel combining and transmitter masking, low insertion loss, and a compact design.

Also exhibited at RFS’s IBC 2004 stand will be other elements of the RF chain: broadband panel antennas, a high-power waveguide combiner module, HELIFLEX air-dielectric coaxial transmission lines, and patch panel with optional digital RF monitoring technology--comprising a touch-screen operator interface able to be connected to a programmable controller and ‘web interface unit’.

To learn more about RFS’s total RF system capability and its full portfolio of solutions, visit the company’s stand at IBC 2004: Hall 5 Stand 5.221, RAI Amsterdam, 10 to 13 September, 2004.

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