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ClearFill: RFS launches new breed of confined coverage solutions

Offering unrivalled flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the new ClearFill suite of Wireless INdoor Solutions (WINS) from Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will be unveiled to European audiences at 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona. The wireless technology group’s breakthrough ClearFill solution set comprises a modular mix of passive and active technologies that include new options for harnessing and distributing RF signals inside buildings and tunnels. This places RFS in the unique position to deliver complete global WINS solutions--from passive distributed antenna systems to fiber-fed and off-air repeaters--tailored for the exact size and shape of the structures to be covered.

“Whether the application is a small private enterprise, a major university or airport campus, or a metro tunnel, ClearFill is guaranteed to deliver the ideal solution--from ‘plug-and-play’ to a fully engineered turnkey system,” said Peter Raabe, RFS Director Product Management for WINS. “ClearFill is totally scaleable and flexible to support a wide range of services--including commercial cellular (2G, 3G), safety radio (GSM-R, TETRA), FM, WiFi, WiMAX and even mobile TV.”

The various elements of the modular suite form four main system configurations:

• ClearFill Air--Basic indoor coverage for small buildings or very short tunnels using an off-air repeater and antenna assembly (Figure A).

• ClearFill Line--A purely passive distribution solution founded on a radiating cable or distributed antenna network, ideal for small buildings and short tunnels (Figure B).

• ClearFill Boost--In-line bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) boost the signal along a length of radiating cable or feeder cable to achieve coverage of longer tunnels and larger buildings (Figure C).

• ClearFill Space--A truly hybrid solution for midsize to large indoor complexes, or the longest tunnels, comprising a ‘master unit’ and fiber-fed ‘remote units’ with RF converters to drive the signal through the otherwise passive RF distribution network (Figure D).

At 3GSM World Congress, RFS will exhibit key components of the hybrid active/passive ClearFill Space and ClearFill Air solutions.

“There’s a growing need for systems that provide coverage over wider areas, demanding more complex system topologies,” said Raabe. “RFS’s ClearFill Space suite, comprising the Space 1 and Space 2 variants, is founded on sophisticated ‘RF-over-fiber’ distribution systems using fiber-fed repeaters. This type of system topology provides high-performing and reliable indoor coverage.”

Ideal for European 2G and 3G applications, the modular mid-power ClearFill Space 1 is the first fully plug-and-play system of its kind on the market. Extremely straightforward and cost-effective to install, its unique signal auto-leveling feature ensures that no tuning in the field is required. Between one and four remote units per master unit can be located up to 5km (3 miles) distant, each providing coverage in an area up to 5,000 square meters (~54,000 square feet). “RFS guarantees best cost-for-coverage with ClearFill Space 1, making it an ideal solution for areas up to 60,000 square meters (~645,000 square feet),” Raabe said.

For larger scale installations supporting multiple carriers and bands (such as 2G, 3G, GSM-R and TETRA), ClearFill Space 2 offers a custom-built WINS system with virtually unlimited topology. Instead of a single ‘master unit’, the system utilizes a sophisticated, modular, head-station that is custom-configured with the required modules for BTS interface, combiner/splitter subsystem, optical sub-rack, and management sub-rack. The high-power ClearFill Space 2 fiber-fed remote units can be located up to 20km (12 miles) distant and each provide coverage for up to 500m (1640 feet) of tunnel or 20,000 square meters (~215,000 square feet).

Also on display will be a new range of off-air repeaters (the OR-series), available in most popular global mobile bands. “Providing the best cost-performance ratio on the market today, the OR-series repeaters afford total network transparency, and are easily installed to extend the coverage of an outdoor cell indoors,” Raabe said. The repeaters are available as ‘sub-band-selective’, low-power fixed band (800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz), or ‘channel-selective’ (UMTS 2100MHz) models.

To learn more of RFS’s new ClearFill suite of wireless indoor solutions, visit the RFS stand at 3GSM World Congress 2007: Hall 2, Stand C34, Venue Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, 12 to 15 February 2007.

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