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Representing a new milestone in the evolution of RF cables, CELLFLEX® MicroFlex brings all the benefits of the CELLFLEX® family to the ‘micro’ coaxial cable sector. The 4.2mm (1/6-inch) outer diameter foam dielectric coaxial cable features a corrugated outer conductor, rather than the braided outer of conventional ‘conformable’ cables.

MicroFlex is available in a high-power as well as a standard version. The enhanced power rating makes the cable ideal for internal connections to power splitters and dipoles within base station antennas. The standard version of MicroFlex is ideal for use as a jumper cable for connections between equipment backplanes, subcomponents and as interconnect jumpers. MicroFlex also provides an alternative to braided outdoor coaxial cable, which is commonly used in microwave radio installations. It is particularly advantageous in situations where space is at a premium.


Features and Benefits
low-loss foam dielectricimproved gain and noise performance, longer distances
corrugated outer conductor improves bending performance, crush resistance and reliabilitytrouble-free installation and operation; no downtime, reduced OPEX; ideal for use in tight and crowded spaces
superior shielding of corrugated outer conductorless interference, longer distances
high-power versionideal for internal connections to power splitters and dipoles within base station antennas
flame-retardant jacket optioncan be used in applications where restrictions apply
easy to terminateshort installation time, reduced costs
excellent electrical performance plus small form factoralternative to braided coaxial cables for ‘intermediate frequency’ applications and overlays, where space is at a premium

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Product Releases

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