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CELLFLEX Lite--now in 1-5/8-inch

The world’s first corrugated aluminum transmission line--CELLFLEX Lite--is now offered in 1-5/8-inch diameter size, and will be showcased at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona. This latest addition sees global wireless solutions group, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), further expand its already-comprehensive range of transmission line solutions. Specifically designed to accommodate higher-power wireless applications, the new 1-5/8-inch CELLFLEX Lite cable offers a lightweight solution to assist the rapid roll-out of wireless network infrastructure.

The new 1-5/8-inch diameter CELLFLEX Lite cable complements the popular 7/8-inch diameter version launched in mid-2006.

CELLFLEX Lite is a foam-dielectric corrugated coaxial cable with an aluminum outer conductor and a copper inner. Offering an alternative price point and performance combination for establishing the base station to antenna RF link, CELLFLEX Lite represents a world-first in transmission line technology. Its robust construction and advanced electrical performance herald CELLFLEX Lite as the next generation in RF transmission development.

According to Area Product Manager for Transmission Lines, Matt Gauvin, this latest addition to the CELLFLEX Lite range reinforces RFS’s industry-leading position. “CELLFLEX Lite complements RFS’s existing CELLFLEX, and CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation copper transmission lines and presents users with an additional transmission line option. Retaining the superior mechanical performance of CELLFLEX, CELLFLEX Lite provides increased transmission line choice and flexibility,” said Gauvin.

Weighing only 950 g/m (0.64 lb/ft), the 1-5/8-inch CELLFLEX Lite cable is easy to transport, handle and install. “CELLFLEX Lite is the world’s first corrugated aluminum transmission line and lightest RF transmission cable on the market today. Its lightweight design, coupled with its single and multiple bending-radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for congested tower-top applications,” said Gauvin. “With the rate of wireless network deployment at an all-time high, network providers in certain markets are continuingly looking for alternative ways of delivering quality mobile services and coverage to users.”

According to Gauvin, CELLFLEX Lite has been optimized to deliver world-class attenuation, return-loss and intermodulation performance. “The electrical performance of CELLFLEX Lite is superior to some copper transmission cables offered by our competitors,” he said.

CELLFLEX Lite offers wireless carriers a long-awaited alternative to copper transmission line. Owing to the continued increase in raw material costs--particularly copper--CELLFLEX Lite represents a cost effective alternative to copper transmission lines. “CELLFLEX Lite addresses this growing market concern,” said Gauvin. “With aluminum sharing similar electrical, mechanical and RF properties to copper, RFS has been able to develop an RF transmission line that provides a new combination of performance and affordability.”

Complementing RFS’s broad suite of transmission line products, CELLFLEX Lite offers user-friendly compatibility with RFS’s existing range of accessories and clamps, as well as trimming and preparation tools. Redesigned connectors based on RFS’s popular ‘RAPID FIT’ design provide users with familiar connection technology, enabling trouble-free installation and operation. Both new connectors and new ground kits are reverse-compatible to CELLFLEX and CELLFLEX ‘A’ Premium Attenuation cable.

The CELLFLEX Lite and RAPID FIT Lite connector pair offers return loss and intermodulation performance equal to that of CELLFLEX ‘A’, and is available in UV-resistant polyethylene (JL) or flame-retardant jackets (JFNL).

To learn more about the new RFS 1-5/8-inch CELLFLEX Lite cable and the company’s comprehensive range of transmission line solutions, visit the RFS stand at 3GSM World Congress 2007: Hall 2, Stand C34, Venue Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain, 12 to 15 February 2007.

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