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CELLFLEX ‘A’ high-performance feeder cable at IWCE 2004

Wireless technology leader Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will exhibit a significant evolution of its popular CELLFLEX foam dielectric feeder cable range at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2004 exhibition in Las Vegas—its high-performance CELLFLEX ‘A’ series feeder cable. Boasting an improvement in attenuation performance of up to six percent, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series has been specifically developed to meet the exacting performance needs of today’s critical land mobile communication systems.

“Land mobile and emergency services radio communications are now more important than ever, yet operators across the country still face the challenge of deploying these services as cost-efficiently and as quickly as possible,” said Chris Adams, RFS Area Product Manager Transmission Lines. “On the one hand, they must address the issue of attenuation. On the other, they are looking for feeder solutions that are ‘installer-friendly’—a mechanically robust cable with a comprehensive and familiar range of sizes, connector formats, cable accessories and so on. This clearly helps streamline the entire installation process and reduces roll-out costs. RFS has achieved this with the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series: a feeder cable with improved attenuation across all commercial RF bands, that exhibits both backward compatibility and superior crush resistance.”

Globally launched in 2003, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series RAPID FIT cable connector family is completely backward compatible with the existing CELLFLEX feeder cable family, eliminating the need for additional connector inventories specific to the ‘A’ series cable type. Quick and easy to install, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series RAPID FIT connector offers improved return loss (up to 6 dB improvement at 2.2 GHz) and consistently low and stable intermodulation (IM) levels. The RAPID FIT connector series is available for all CELLFLEX cable sizes ranging from 7/8 inch through to 2-1/4 inch, and in both type N and 7-16 DIN interface (other interfaces available on special request).

The entire CELLFLEX ‘A’ series is in all popular feeder cable sizes (7/8, 1-1/4, 1-5/8 and 2-1/4 inch cable diameter), plus a choice of standard UV-resistant polyethylene or flame and fire retardant jackets. For more demanding applications, ‘Premium Performance’ CELLFLEX ‘A’ series is available, offering the lowest possible voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) over a customer-specified operating bandwidth.

The new CELLFLEX ‘A’ high-performance feeder cable can be viewed at the IWCE 2004 booth number 6023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV, March 24 to 26, 2004.

Trademarks: CELLFLEX® and RAPID FITTM are registered trademarks of Radio Frequency Systems.

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