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A new automated line for RFS France

The line has been up and running since September 2013.  RFS is continuing to invest in the future by transforming small reflector manufacturing to an entirely automated, state of the art production line.

Automated production of antennas
Place a flat aluminium sheet at the start of the line and 3 minutes later, without any human intervention, you will get a reflector. This is a summary of the purpose of the newly inaugurated fully automated line in Trignac. All-in-all it consists of 3 robots and a series of dedicated machines that include a spinning lathe and two presses.  The robots are used for handling operations between the various machines, as well as synchronisation.  The processes automatically activated consist of: CNC spinning, central punching, fastening of metal parts through automatic riveting, and many more steps...  Operators complete the process at the end of the line by mounting the radome, adding the completed wrapped feed, and final inspection and packing of the antenna.  The entire line is controlled by only 2 operators.  The system currently manufactures 1 to 3-foot reflectors and will shortly produce 6-footers.

A first !
RFS is a pioneer in the fully automated production of its antennas.  This high investment underscores the wishes of RFS top management to keep its French production site looking firmly to the future.  Above all, it is also a way to anticipate the requirements of our customers and satisfy demanding delivery lead times with increasing precision and quality.  A proud technological achievement, the automated line guarantees the quality of the products generated, since it is by focusing on the quality of our antennas that we will remain competitive.  RFS has gained in autonomy - new production process for the 1 foot dishes (SB1) and new onsite full production for the 2-feet dishes (SC2s), which represent the majority of the reflectors used.  The same will shortly apply to 3-footers (SC3s), enabling work previously outsourced to be handled in-house.  Finally, another advantage is that smaller aluminium sheets can be used to produce dishes of the same dimensions thanks to the new spinning lathe.

Tool flexibility
To implement this new system, RFS France has made a high investment in employee training.  6 operators received intensive training from an organisation that issues joint metallurgy industry qualification certificates.  They learned how to operate the line by controlling it from the remote keyboards located behind the safety barrier that isolates the machines and robots.  RFS has therefore introduced a new job to those currently occupied by its employees.  Day to day operation of the automated line can flex from 1 to 3 shifts to quickly respond to customer demands in quantity and lead-time. The Trignac site now has the capacity to produce 90,000 2-foot antennas a year at normal speed.  The pace can be further increased in the event of higher demand.

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About RFS
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