Technical Data Sheet
CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Jumper Assembly, 1/2" Superflexible Foam,
4.3-10 Male / 4.3-10 Male, 5.0 m
Product Description
Radio Frequency Systems' CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Jumpers feature specially designed connectors which are soldered-on in a strictly controlled industrial process to ensure industry leading performance for today's high-performance wireless systems. The connector design and manufacturing process has been optimized to produce premium VSWR and IM levels. Injection molded boots provide reliable and repeatable additional sealing level and strain relief. Our facilities produce and stock all popular lengths as required by the industry, and can deliver custom lengths with premium VSWR and IM levels on request.
  • Stable premium VSWR, outstanding and consistent intermodulation performance - not relying on coupling torque
    Improves network performance, reduces the number of dropped calls and avoids revenue loss.
  • Waterproof to IP 68
    No downtime risk, secures revenue.
  • Smaller connector footprint for 4.3-10
    Enables tighter spacing of connections for antennas and RRHs.
  • Available with standard "J" or flame retardant "JFN" jacket types
    Usable in all applications.
  • Compliant to RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China)
    Usable on a global basis.
Technical Features
Cable Type1/2" Superflexible Foam
Jumper TypeFactory-Fit (Premium)
Connector A4.3-10 Male
Center Contact Connector ABrass, Silver plated
Outer Contact Connector ABrass, Trimetal plated
Coupling Nut Connector AHexagon nut, Nickel plated
Connector B4.3-10 Male
Center Contact Connector BBrass, Silver plated
Outer Contact Connector BBrass, Trimetal plated
Coupling Nut Connector BHexagon nut, Nickel plated
GasketSilicone rubber
Sealing classIP68
JacketBlack Polyethylene
VSWR (Return Loss, dB), typical1.052 (32.0) @ 10.0 - 1000.0 MHz
1.065 (30.0) @ 1000.0 - 1700.0 MHz
1.065 (30.0) @ 1700.0 - 2200.0 MHz
1.083 (28.0) @ 2200.0 - 2700.0 MHz
1.106 (26.0) @ 2700.0 - 3800.0 MHz
Intermodulation, 3rd Order, dBc-159 (- 161 typical)
Installation Temperature, °C(°F)-40.0 to 60.0 (-40.0 to 140.0 )
Operation Temperature, °C(°F)-50.0 to 85.0 (-58.0 to 185.0 )
Storage Temperature, °C(°F)-70.0 to 85.0 (-94.0 to 185.0 )

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