Technical Data Sheet
7-16 DIN Female Connector for 1-1/4" Coaxial Cable, OMNI FIT™ Premium, Straight, O-Ring and compression sealing
Product Description
OMNI FIT™ high performance connectors are designed for use with both CELLFLEX® (copper) and CELLFLEX® Lite (aluminium) cables. They are designed specifically to provide the highest quality connector-cable interface while simplifying and speeding up connector attachment. All RFS connectors are fully tested for mechanical and electrical compliance to industry specifications.
The 7-16 connector is the most rugged RF connection meeting all requirements even under the most severe environmental conditions. Sealing against outer conductor and jacket by means of O-Ring and 360° compression fit. Multifunctional, self-lubricating HighTech polymer assembly locks on cable corrugation, avoids electrochemical potential differences and compression-fits to the jacket.
  • Ultra high PIM performance i.e. reduced interference leading to high customer satisfaction
  • Two-piece design i.e. visual inspection of interlocking leads to improved installation security
  • OMNI FIT™ concept i.e. streamlined order management and reduced stock level
  • Watertight sealing in mated and unmated condition, i.e. reduced efforts during installation and improved security during operation
  • Unique NiTin plating i.e. extreme resistance against corrosion even under hardest climatic and environmental circumstances
  • Multi-thread (Tristart) design i.e. simplified and accelerated tightening process
  • RoHS (EU) and CRoHS (China) compliant i.e. can be used on a global basis
Technical Features
Transmission Line TypeCoaxial Cable
Cable Size1-1/4"
Cable TypeFoam Dielectric
Model SeriesUCF114-50 Series, LCFS114-50 Series, RCF114-50 Series
Connector Interface7-16 DIN
Nominal Impedance, ohms50
Connector TypeOMNI FIT™ PREMIUM Straight
Sealing MethodO-Ring + 360° Compression
Plating Outer/InnerNiTin/Silver
Inner Contact AttachmentSpring Finger
Outer Contact Attachment360° clamping
3rd Order IM Product @ 2x20 Watts, dBc-163 ; typical -167
Maximum Frequency, GHz 3.6
Poly Hook Spanner, mm (in)PHS 60-90-5 Ø 60-90 (2.3-3.5) Pin 5 (0.2)
Trimming ToolTRIM-SET-L114-D01
Waterproof LevelIP68

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