The SiteExpress™ solution with Distribution Box for towers

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For Greenfield sites, Multi-RRU, Network modernisation and overlays.


  • Fully factory assembled - controlled assembly conditions and standardized quality control
  • Completely tested on customer demand (system PIM and VSWR incl. jumpers and antennas, Optic and DC incl. BER of transmission between RRU and BBU)
  • No mistakes in installation - all critical installation steps are done in the factory
  • The ultimate Plug and Play: Attach the sector assembly to tower and plug in the HYBRIFLEX™ Riser Cable
  • Speeds up the installation on site - faster network roll out
Configurations on customer request: 

AntennaRRU’sFiltersHTTA Cable
Single band1 x G9002 x G900Single RRU HB cable with LC connectors
Triple band

1 x G900 /

1 x 3G

2 x G900Standard 3 RRU cable with LC connectors

Triple band +

Single band

1 x G900 /

1 x G1800 /

1 x 3G

4 x G900

Standard 3 RRU cable with LC connectors or future proof Standard 4 RRU cable

Triple Band +

Single band +

2 times triple and single band  as separate

1 x G900 Tx/Rx

1 x G900 Rx

G900 Tx/Rx

1 x G1800 Rx

6 x G900Standard 4 RRU cable with LC connectors

Supported RRU vendor specific connectors for: 

  • ZTE
  • ALU
  • NSN
  • Ericsson
  • others on request 


  • packed in one box for SiteExpress™
  • one separate box for HYBRIFLEX™ cable


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